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Wily Introscope: CPU monitoring with EpaAgent of all JAVA processes listening on a port.

Ive modified a GroovyEpaAgent script that I got, to monitor every JVM process on a unix machine.This one was tested on a PP64 (suse), and send the CPU usage of every JAVA process listening on the server.

Hopefully will be usefull for someone too.

 * cpuWebLogic.groovy
 *  Author: Michael F. Aube, CA Wily
 *  Modified by: Gustavo Benitez
 * Created: 17 December, 2008
 * This EPAgent Groovy script was originally designed to monitor the CPU Utilization of 
 * each and every WebLogic.
 * Then, it was modified to monitor the CPU usage of all the JAVA processes on the server.
 * This script was tested on a PPC64.
 * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 *      Since Introscope can only capture INTEGER VALUES for these CPU metrics,
 *      a given JVM may have a CPU Utilization metric value of ZERO, when in 
 *      fact it has a "real" value between 0.0 and 0.4 percent CPU Utilization.
 * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

class osCommand
   String cmd
   String output
   List   lines
   /** Answers a new O/S command; ready to be invoked. **/
   osCommand (String aCommand)
      this.cmd = aCommand
   /** Answers a list of the output lines generated by this command. **/
   List execute()
 this.output = ""
 this.lines = []
      Process process = cmd.execute()
      if (process.exitValue())
         print process.err.text   // this can't be good...
         output = process.text
//print "Resultado de la ejecucion:" + output
     this.lines = output.split(/\n/)
return this.lines

class JvmMetric 
   String cpuPct            // CPU Utilization %, rounded to nearest integer 
   String pid               // the JVM's O/S Process ID
   private String nameAttr  // an XML attribute for an Introscope Metric  
   private String valueAttr // an XML attribute for an Introscope Metric
   private String typeAttr  // an XML attribute for an Introscope Metric
   JvmMetric (String aLine) 
 cpuPct = "0"  
      pid = this.extractPID(aLine)
 def port = this.extractPort(aLine)
 def name=this.extractName(aLine)
 nameAttr  =/name='$name'/
 typeAttr  = "type='IntAverage'"
 valueAttr = ""                   // TBD - need to know the cpuPct first!
   String asXML()  // answer this metric as XML suitable for the Introscope EM
      valueAttr = "value='$cpuPct'"    // assumes cpuPct has been set!
      return ""
   private String extractPID(String aLine)
      def fields = aLine.split(/\s+/)
 return fields[1]
   private String extractName(String aLine)
def texto=aLine
def start = 62
def end = (texto.size())  
def tFinal=texto.substring(start,end)
//Just add here a better formating.
//A good one may be to and a Dummy parameter to the JVM startup script called AP_NAME, and extrat that value to show at the 
//metric tree. 
return tFinal
   private String extractPort(String aLine)
      def pattern = '-Dweblogic.Name='
 def start = aLine.indexOf(pattern) + pattern.size()
 def stop  = aLine.indexOf(' ', start) - 1  // ASSUMES a space at the end!
 return aLine.getAt(start..stop)
   // **************************
   // **************************
   //Etract all the PIDs that belongs to a JVM instance on the server.
   def commandStr= /netstat -lnptu|grep java|awk -F' '  '{print $7}'  |awk -F\/ '{print $1}'|awk '{RS="\n";puertos[$1]=$1;}END{for(i in puertos){ORS=",";print puertos[i]}}'|cut -c2-|sed 's\/\(.*\).\/\1\/'/
   command = ["sh", "-c", commandStr]

   process = command.execute();
   pids = process.text
   //Gets the CPU usage of all the java proceses that we got eearlier
   prstat = ["sh", "-c", "top -c -b -n 1 -p "+ pids]
   Process process = prstat.execute()
   cpuLines = process.text
   //Send the metrics to the EM
   (7..lines.size() -1 ).each { index ->
       metric = new JvmMetric(lines[index].trim())
  fields = lines[index].trim().split(/\s+/)   
       cpu = fields[8]
       n = Math.round(new Float(cpu))
       // send the metric XML to the Introscope Enterprise Manager
       EMOUTPUT.println metric.asXML()   
   // **************************
   // **************************

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